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A beauty find…

I am nowhere near an expert on anything in the makeup/skin department (although I am an expert on anything related to food) but I do scan the beauty magazines at the grocery store and I do like to try out new products from time to time. And every so often I surprise myself by finding something that actually works quite well. Continue reading

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Home made potato chips – minus the fat

I received two very interesting Christmas gifts from my Pampered Chef this Christmas; one, which was recognizable and one, which was not. The recognizable gift was a mandolin (a very sharp kitchen utensil used for slicing). The unrecognizable gift looked like two black, plastic saucers. They were light weight and rubbery and had holes throughout.  My mom, seeing the puzzled expression on my face, explained that the two gifts were meant to be used together as a potato-chip making contraption. She assured me that the chips would be calorie free and delicious. I smiled and said thanks, wondering how much I was really going to be making my own potato chips when I could easily go to the grocery store and buy a perfectly good already-made bag. Continue reading

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How to spruce up your Christmas Tree…

Our Christmas tree looks a little sparce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful with the lights and the ornaments, but there is definitely something missing. At first, I thought we just needed more ornaments. But after adding a few more, I realized that wasn’t it. The thought of those big strands of tinsel that were so popular in the 80’s really didn’t thrill me (I mean, who really uses tinsel anymore?) so I wondered, what could I add to spruce it up a bit? Continue reading

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The Bottled Water Phenomenon

My mother has always been skeptical about bottled water. She never understood why Americans insist on keeping bottled water in their homes when the tap water (in most areas) is perfectly clean (her words not mine). She was adamant on the fact that it was a complete waste and “absolutely ridiculous”. Therefore, we never have had bottled water in our house.

I have tried to explain the many benefits of bottled water to her many times, mainly, that it is more about convenience than actual cleanliness. It’s easier to just grab a water bottle and run out the door, rather than taking the extra minute or two to fill up a cantene with water from the tap. No dice. The only time bottled water is acceptable to her is when you are out and dying of thirst and there is no way to get tap water and no other options. Continue reading

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