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Crock pot BBQ chicken sandwiches

chicken 7

On busy days the slow cooker, aka crock pot, is my life saver. Yesterday was one of those busy days for me and I knew I would not feel like cooking dinner from scratch when I got home. Thankfully, I have a slow cooker. Here are just a few of the things I LOVE about the slow cooker:

1. Easy clean up. One pot.
2. Cooking food slowly (especially meat) makes it incredibly tender.
3. It makes your house smell amazing.
4. It does all the work for you. There is very little cooking involved.
5. It’s pretty much fool proof. Continue reading

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Spicy slow cooker pork loin

pork 3

I feel like my recent posts have been recipes for spicy meat dishes. I guess I’ve been cooking a lot more meat lately? Sorry, not trying to be redundant. Anyway, this recipe is especially easy because it utilizes the slow cooker. Gosh I really love the slow cooker. You just throw a bunch of ingredients into it, turn a switch or press a button (depending on what kind of slow cooker you have) and walk away. Then, when you come home you are greeted by this delicious aroma and dinner is ready for you! It’s amazing. Plus any meat you cook in the slow cooker always comes out incredibly tender.

This pork can be shredded easily and will look like pulled pork when it’s done. Serve with rice or make tacos, like I did (see below). You could also use a cheaper cut of pork, like pork shoulder. I just chose the loin because it’s nice and lean. Continue reading

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Crock pot creation

This recipe is so so easy AND it involves the slow cooker/crock pot. Win, win. It all started with Andouille sausage. I usually cook with hot or sweet Italian sausage so I wasn’t sure what kind of flavors would go well with Andouille. I have to say, this recipe was inspired by the picture on the Andouille sausage wrapping (pictured with black beans and corn) and man, did it turn out good. I decided instead of just making the usual sausage and peppers, I’d give it more of a Mexican/Creole (I think of Creole flavored food when I think of Andouille) style flair with some beans, corn, cilantro and hot sauce. This recipe can be eaten plain as sort of a sausage gumbo, or served with rice, pasta or crusty bread. Either way, it’s delcious. Continue reading

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3 Ingredient pulled pork

This recipe was totally not my idea, but I wish it was because it’s so genius! When I went searching for a pulled pork recipe, most of the recipes I found had at least 10 ingredients and all kinds of spices and other items I’d have to go out and buy. So, when I found this one, I was honestly very very skeptical. It has three ingredients: Continue reading

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Done with Daniel

I am finally done with Daniel. I’ve completed the fast. I feel relieved, healthier, and lighter. I didn’t lose as much weight as I expected, but 7.5 lbs in 3 weeks is not bad. Honestly, the first 2 weeks were easier than the 3rd week. This last week was a challenge. I found myself craving bread and meat, tempted to reach for the tortilla chips, and getting lazier in my cooking. It’s hard to cook from scratch every night, and after 2 failed dinner attempts, I almost called it quits. I’ve decided that I should stick to eating Indian food, and avoid cooking it. I still can’t figure out what I did wrong, and I’m blaming it on the Garam Masala I bought at the store. Continue reading

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