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My version of Baingan Bharta (Indian eggplant curry)

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I love eggplant. It can be a tricky vegetable to cook, but when it’s cooked properly it is delicious. I went a bit eggplant crazy the other day at the grocery store because the eggplants looked so good. I still have some leftover that I need to figure out what to do with before they go bad! After searching the internet for eggplant recipes and not finding anything that really suited my mood, I decided to try my hand at making baingan bharta, an Indian eggplant dish I often order at Indian restaurants. I love eggplant parmesan just as much as anybody but I was in the mood for something more exotic. I’ve been experimenting a lot with cooking Indian food, and although not everything I make has turned out well (I had a bit of a disaster the other day with some spiced stuffed peppers I made), I am learning which spices go well together and so I figured I’d give this eggplant dish a whirl. I’m glad I did, because it came out quite well! Continue reading

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Indian Food Faves

indian food
It’s no secret that I adore Indian food. It’s probably my favorite cuisine, even above Thai food, which is the food I grew up on. Indian food is full of flavor and color and I just can’t get enough of it. I hit up the local Indian restaurants more than a couple times a month, especially for their lunch buffets. Lunch buffets are my favorite, because I can never decide on just one dish. I like most Indian dishes but there are a couple that are stand outs for me. Favorites, if you will. Continue reading

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In need of Indian cooking lesson

I happen to be slightly obsessed with food. I love all different types of cuisines, so to pick a favorite is almost impossible. But Indian food has to be pretty high up on the list. I could eat it day in and day out and I don’t really get sick of it ever. But eating it, I’ve discovered, is a lot easier than cooking it. Continue reading

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Why everyone should love Indian food

I don’t discriminate when it comes to food. Most food I try, no matter where in the world it is from, I enjoy whole-heartedly. Pasta from Italy, rice and noodle dishes from Asia, French bread and pastries, Guacamole and tortilla chips from Mexico. I mean you really can’t go wrong. Continue reading

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