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Thai chicken and green bean stir fry

thai stir fry 1

As part of my effort to stick to my New Year’s resolution to lose weight, eat more veggies, etc., I was browsing through the Weight Watcher’s website the other day looking through some recipes. I didn’t have any good ideas for dinner that night so I was looking for anything healthy that would spark my interest. I came across a chicken and green bean stir fry. The recipe sounded really good but I decided to change quite a few things. I made it spicier and I also put some crunchy peanuts on the top at the end. This makes it slightly higher calorie but it’s still very healthy. Plus, like most things, peanuts are good for you in moderation. Continue reading

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An Ina Garten dinner


I love Ina Garten. I love her show, own two of her cookbooks and just think she’s pretty much one of the most fabulous people around especially when it comes to entertaining and anything food related. Lately I find myself reading through her cookbooks at night looking for recipe inspiration. I often just use recipes to come up with my own ideas and wind up changing them completely but this time I pretty much followed the recipes exactly. I decided to make Ina’s mustard marinated flank steak and her green beans gremolata.

green beans

I am actually really picky when it comes to both steak and green beans. Steak has to be really tender and easy to chew. I can’t stomach it when there are any bits of gristle or fat. I actually rarely eat steak because I’m too particular about it. I’m also particular about green beans. I find they can sometimes be really bland and also really easy to overcook. Some people, like my dad, prefer green beans that have been cooked a long time but I find that this usually just makes them too mushy for my taste. So, needless to say I was skeptical about both of these recipes in Ina’s book. I was intimidated to cook with flank steak because it’s considered to be a tougher cut of meat usually and I’ve never had much luck with tenderizing it enough for my taste. I also was nervous that the green beans would be boring and not flavorful enough. I was wrong on both accounts. The marinade for the steak really DID tenderize it. It also gave the steak a ton of flavor. The gremolata for the green beans was a really interesting concept and one that I will use again on many different vegetables. It gave the beans so much flavor! The two dishes also went perfectly together and were simple to make. Continue reading

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Roasted vegetable couscous

couscous 3

I truly love couscous and if you follow my blog you probably already know that (I have posted quite a few couscous recipes). I love cooking and eating it. It’s so versatile. You can flavor it with so many different things. I almost always put lemon juice in mine, and this roasted vegetable couscous was no exception. This was the perfect accompaniment to my chicken with wine and thyme sauce (recipe to come). The lemon juice brightens the flavor so it’s still light and fresh enough for summer, but the roasted vegetables give the dish a nice depth, so it also works for fall.

You can really use whichever veggie combination sounds good to you, whatever you have on hand, as long as they roast well (obviously don’t use veggies like cucumbers or celery). I happened to have asparagus spears, sliced baby portabella mushrooms (another item I cook with frequently), red bell pepper, leftover yellow squash, and some red onion. All the veggies should be cut into bite sized pieces. Continue reading

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