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Friendsgiving and an Old fashioned Green bean casserole


In my family we like to try out new dishes and we often create unique twists on traditional recipes for Holiday meals. However, we are also suckers for the classics and one classic we ALWAYS, always have at the dinner table every Holiday, no matter what, is my grandmother’s green bean casserole (pictured on the right in between the mac and cheese and brussels sprout salad). However, there are no crunchy onions in this version. It’s also by no means healthy and it’s old fashioned because, yes, it does call for one of those Campbell’s cream of whatever soups (no judgement please), but if you can get past that I promise you this casserole is delicious and is always the first thing to go at any of our Holiday parties. I live by the motto, “everything in moderation” and so I treat myself to this delicious casserole on Holidays. Continue reading

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Green Beans two different ways

beans & bacon

Green beans are not a favorite vegetable of mine, but lately, I’ve been experimenting with them a bit more. My desire to cook with them more started after a good friend of mine made one of the best green bean dishes I have EVER had in my life for Thanksgiving. The green beans were sauteed in a buttery, garlic wine sauce and topped with crunchy slivered almonds. I begged her for the recipe and, thankfully, she decided to share it with me. I will share that recipe here, however, I had a HUGE bunch of green beans to cook up so I decided to cook half of them using my friend’s recipe, and half of them another way.

I’ve mentioned, many times before, how much I believe in roasting food, especially vegetables. Roasting does something amazing to the vegetables and they carmelize beautifully, and green beans are no exception. After roasting them, what could make these green beans better? The answer is BACON! Duh! Bacon makes everything better, but I wanted to make the green beans even more rich and flavorful, which is why I made a blue cheese butter to top the beans with. Continue reading

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If you have me over for dinner, leave these items off the menu

I know it may come as a shock to most people to find out that there are actually foods that I don’t like. I’ll admit, it’s a rare occurence, but there are foods I don’t eat. It’s not that I despise them so much that I can’t eat them, but I certainly won’t order them off a menu and I generally don’t cook with them. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t like them in the future. My tastebuds certainly do change throughout the years. I used to hate macaroni and cheese (so weird right?) and broccoli and now I eat them both on a regular basis. But, for now, these are the foods I’m not so thrilled with.  Continue reading

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