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Indian Food Faves

indian food
It’s no secret that I adore Indian food. It’s probably my favorite cuisine, even above Thai food, which is the food I grew up on. Indian food is full of flavor and color and I just can’t get enough of it. I hit up the local Indian restaurants more than a couple times a month, especially for their lunch buffets. Lunch buffets are my favorite, because I can never decide on just one dish. I like most Indian dishes but there are a couple that are stand outs for me. Favorites, if you will. Continue reading

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I don’t know where I’m from

The question “Where are you from?” may seem like one of the most simple questions to answer. And for most people who have lived in one place for the majority of their life, it is. But for some of us, it’s a question that doesn’t have a straight answer, and it can often lead to many more questions. Continue reading

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