Cruising to The Bahamas

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A little over a week ago I embarked upon my first cruise! Admittedly I was a little nervous about it. Would I feel trapped? Would seeing only ocean with no signs of land freak me out? Would I get sea sick? And, perhaps the most important question of all, would the food on the ship be good? I’m happy to report: no, no, no & YES!!! This could be dangerous. I think I could easily become one of those people that lives on cruise ships, that is, if my financial situation didn’t hinder me. I’m not kidding when I tell you we met someone that was going on his 1,000 something cruise.

Seriously though, what a great time. I spent eight blissful days aboard The Grandeur of the Seas, part of Royal Caribbean’s vision class of ships, as it cruised through Florida and The Bahamas. What a fun way to travel! I’m lucky I happen to enjoy flying, but for those of you who don’t, cruising could be your new best friend! People aren’t lying when they say cruise ships are basically like floating cities. The possibilities are endless.

Port Day - Nassau, Bahamas. That's Atlantis in the background.

Port Day – Nassau, Bahamas. That’s Atlantis in the background.

There are many different types of vacationers but often vacationers can be separated into two categories: those that like to do, and those that like to relax. I happen to fall somewhere in the middle of these two categories. One of the great things about a cruise is that it offers the best for BOTH types of vacationers. For those that like to do, there are rock climbing, dance lessons, amazing aerial shows (which my brother-in-law happens to star in), and plenty of land days with all kinds of shore excursion options as well. For those that prefer to sit back and relax, there’s a spa on board, plenty of pools and hot tubs, and you don’t even have to leave the ship on the port days if you don’t want to.

My brother in law during an aerial performance rehearsal. So cool!

My brother in law during an aerial performance rehearsal. So cool!

I can’t talk about a cruise without mentioning the dining. To my surprise, the food was VERY good. There was also enough variety in the menu options to keep me satisfied. The complimentary options included in the dining package were all very good. There was a formal dining room that offered a multi course menu with different specials each day as well as a buffet restaurant on the top deck that offered a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. There was also a complimentary cafe, open all day, with a salad bar, fresh paninis, and a soup stations.

cruise 7

I also tried the three restaurants onboard that were not included in the dining package. Surprisingly, they were still quite affordable and the portion sizes were ENORMOUS. I am someone who almost always finishes my meal (not always a good quality, especially when you’re trying to lose weight) and I had trouble doing that at these three restaurants which included a steakhouse, an Italian style restaurant, and an Asian-fusion inspired restaurant. I think the food at Giovanni’s, the Italian restaurant, actually might have been my favorite meal of the whole trip and that includes restaurants onboard the ship and restaurants in the ports we visited.

My favorite meal of the cruise. Osso buco at Giovanni's Italian Table onboard the Grandeur of the Seas

My favorite meal of the cruise. Osso buco at Giovanni’s Italian Table onboard the Grandeur of the Seas

cruise 4

There is something about water that makes me feel so serene and peaceful.

There is something about water that makes me feel so serene and peaceful.

My first experience cruising was definitely a positive one. It will not be my last. What about you guys? Have you ever been on a cruise? What did you think of it?

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2 thoughts on “Cruising to The Bahamas

  1. wahoodancer says:

    I personally like the ability to have control over how much time I have at sites, but to each their own…

    • Global Girl says:

      Originally I was worried abou that too! But I found that they generally gave us enough time at each place. I guess it also depends upon the place. We were just going to different beaches basically!

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