Buffalo Calamari at Blue Point

buffalo calamari

One of my favorite local restaurants is Blue Point Grill in Princeton. It’s on the pricey side but you can’t beat the fresh seafood. In fact, the menu changes daily depending upon what is caught that day. The menu is also extensive and offers all kinds of fish and seafood. One thing I love about Blue Point is that many of their fish entrees come prepared very simply with just a light lemon butter sauce. I love this because it really allows the flavor and the freshness of the fish to stand out. Food doesn’t always need tons of ingredients to make it taste good. Sometimes simpler is better and in this case it definitely is.

Another thing I love about Blue Point is their buffalo calamari. It’s under the starter/appetizer section and it is my favorite thing on the menu. When I first ordered the buffalo calamari, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. It’s not like fried squid is all that exciting. I mean tons of restaurants offer fried calamari on their menu. The buffalo part made it slightly more interesting but it still isn’t really a “ground breaking” appetizer. Until you taste it. One taste of the buffalo calamari and I was hooked. It’s nothing like the ordinary appetizer you find on most menus. I’m really picky about squid. I don’t like when it’s chewey at all. The calamari at Blue Point is incredibly tender and even though it’s fried, it’s not heavy like most fried calamari appetizers are and then it’s coated in a mild but incredible buffalo sauce and served with homemade blue cheese dressing. It is to die for. I’m lucky I live so close by.

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