Things I love about summer


Summer is by far my favorite season. I don’t even mind those almost unbearably hot days. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the tropics where almost everyday is unbearably hot and humid. But whatever the reason, summer is my favorite time of year. I know there is something beautiful in every season and even though I don’t like every aspect of every season, I can appreciate something in each one. In the winter, even though I hate the cold, I love the beautiful white snow that falls to the ground. In fall, I enjoy the seasonal pumpkin flavors of coffees, muffins and cheesecakes and the different colors of the leaves. In spring, the greenery that starts to appear means summer is just around the corner and I actually don’t mind those rainy days you get to spend inside curled up on the couch with a good book or movie. Yes, there is definitely something nice about every season, but I can go on and on about the positives of summer.

Since summer is almost over and Labor day has passed, I decided to list some of my favorite things about summer to commemorate it in my memory. Even though fall and winter are just around the corner, thinking about summer may keep me warm all year long…

1. Longer days – I love that it stays light out until 8:30pm some days.
2. Beaches – There are few things I enjoy more than a day at the beach.
3. Tan skin
4. Flip flops – and other summer footwear. Sandals, wedges, and open toed shoes. Shoes that let your feet breathe!
5. Summer food – boardwalk funnel cakes, seasonal fruit and vegetables, grilled meats, fresh salads, ice cream, etc. Is there anything better than the food of summer?
6. Laid back schedules – Even though I’m not in school anymore, work tends to be easier in the summer. Everything feels more relaxed.
7. Summer clothes – The fact that I don’t have to wear layers and coats and scarves is wonderful. I can just throw on a pair of shorts, some flip flops and walk out the door. It’s so much easier.
8. Fireflies – I love these little guys. Those blinking lights in the dark. The very essence of summer!
9. Picnics!
10. Traveling – I don’t know about you, but I definitely travel more in the summer.
11. Summer Barbecues and Cookouts
12. Ice cold drinks
13. Thunderstorms
14. Long summer dresses (and short summer dresses)
15. Juicy tomatoes – Tomatoes are in season and Jersey tomatoes are SO good.
16. Farm stands and local, fresh produce
17. Driving with the windows down, or with the top down if you’re lucky enough to drive a convertible.
18. The color green – Everything is so green and alive in the summer.
19. Walking the dog – I actually enjoy walking Maggie. In the winter walking her is definitely more of a project.
20. Tikki torches!
21. No school – My brother comes home from college and I get to see him. I get to spend more time with Matt’s younger brother Jonathan who is in 3rd grade.
22. Lounging at the pool
23. Reading – I always read more in the summer than any other season.
24. Sunglasses
25. Sandy feet
26. White wine
27. Avocados
28. Hot/warm days
29. Boardwalks
30. The sound of the ice cream truck – I never buy ice cream from the truck, but there is something very comforting about hearing it drive by.
31. Exercising outdoors
32. Outdoor dining

And there you have it. 32 of my favorite things about summer. What about you? What’s you favorite season? What do you love about summer?

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5 thoughts on “Things I love about summer

  1. Outdoor dining and picking fresh berries are two of my favorite things…Great list!

  2. […] been enjoying the flavors of fall. Typically I find fall a little depressing probably because I love summer so much but this year I’ve actually enjoyed it. Not the cold weather, but definitely the […]

  3. […] been enjoying the flavors of fall. Typically I find fall a little depressing probably because I love summer so much but this year I’ve actually enjoyed it. Not the cold weather, but definitely the […]

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