Furikake Fries!


Isn’t that so fun to say? Furikake fries! I had actually never heard of Furikake (and I grew up in Asia, granted not Japan, but still, shame on me) until we went to Maui and ate at a restaurant called the Aloha Mixed Plate. It’s a really interesting restaurant and REALLY affordable, especially for Hawaii. Most restaurants in Hawaii, specifically Maui, are not really budget friendly so the Aloha Mixed Plate was a nice change of pace. The restaurant offers an amazing view too and is right on the beach. You can’t beat the view or the prices. The menu offers both Asian inspired items as well as traditional Hawaiian and classic American dishes. If you are ever in Maui, I highly recommend trying the Aloha Mixed Plate. It’s a really fun, casual, outdoor restaurant with great food, tropical drinks and friendly service. It’s also ALWAYS packed, which generally bodes well and is a good sign that the food is decent.

Anyway, furikake is a seaweed mixture and a popular Japanese condiment. The furikake fries were listed under the starters/appetizers on the Aloha Mixed Plate dinner menu. They sounded interesting so we decided to give them a try. These fries were delicious! What a flavor explosion. A huge mound of hot, salty, crispy french fries arrived at our table covered in a garlic butter sauce and topped with the furikake mixture. I could not get enough of these fries. The spicy garlic, the crispy fries and the salty furikake made for a pretty dynamite flavor combination.

I love trying interesting, delicious food and these furikake fries were both of those things – interesting and delicious. The perfect way to start off a great meal in Maui!

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2 thoughts on “Furikake Fries!

  1. Oo, nice! I put furikake on rice (and other things) all the time, but it’s never occurred to me to put it on fries. Yummm.

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