The inevitable weight loss road block

Taunting me at work!

Taunting me at work!

I’ve been a Weight Watcher’s member since I got engaged in 2009. Prior to my engagement I had always been pretty thin and in good shape, thanks to high school sports and working in the Rutgers Recreation office all through college (easy access to gyms, classes, and activities). However, after I graduated, the pounds slowly started to creep up and by the time I got engaged I was the heaviest I’d ever been. So, I decided maybe I needed a little help.

I joined Weight Watchers and quickly became motivated to lose the weight for the wedding. I lost 20 pounds and kept it off during my 2 year engagement. With the help of tracking points, weekly Weight Watcher’s meetings, zumba classes 4-5 times a week, and training for a 5k I kept myself motivated and I loved the feeling of being thin again. I had originally wanted to lose 30 pounds, but I was pretty happy with 20. I felt confident I could keep the weight off.

However, after a honeymoon in Greece, eating the most amazing food, and the emotions (both good and bad) that come with a huge life change, like getting married, I quickly gained back all the weight I’d worked so hard to lose…plus some. I’m an emotional eater. Problem # 1. I’m also obsessed with food. Problem # 2.

Left is before, right is current. Trying to reverse the pictures!

Left is before, right is current. Trying to reverse the pictures!

I never officially quit weight watchers. I’m still a member, but for some reason I just don’t have the same motivation I once did! I wake up with good intentions, but by the time the day is over I’ve eaten through a good portion of my weekly extra points. By the end of the week, I am in the negative point zone and pretty much stop tracking all together. I’m in a rut. A plateau so to speak. I’ve hit a bump and I can’t seem to climb over it and get back on track.

This past week has been a good one for me, as far as eating goes. It’s actually not been good as far as stress goes, but actually stress at work has kind of sapped my appetite, so I’m using this to kickstart a change! However, as my stress lowers I feel myself getting hungrier again, so I’m reaching out for help!

What do you guys do to stay motivated to eat healthy and get to the gym? What do you do to keep those 10 lbs from creeping back up on you?

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2 thoughts on “The inevitable weight loss road block

  1. gwynnem says:

    For me the biggest motivator for staying fit has been signing up for foot races and running occasionally with someone I know to remind me exercise can be fun and community-oriented. Sounds as if you’ve already been on a similar fitness path. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting back to something you’ve already worked at and enjoyed?

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