Cayman the culinary island

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’m sure you all have been busy with Thanksgiving and the Holiday season coming up! However, that’s not the only reason for my lack of posts. I’ve been in the Cayman Islands recently! I stumbled upon a groupon for the Sunshine Suites on Grand Cayman in the Seven Mile Beach area and decided I could really use a vacation. I spent a week soaking up some sun and enjoying some much needed relaxation. Seven Mile Beach is world renowned for it’s beauty. The beach is made up of fine white sand, and water so crystal clear you can see straight to the bottom. I was expecting to enjoy the beauty of the island, but what I wasn’t expecting was the wide variety of amazing food that awaited me. Grand Cayman is truly and island fit for foodies. The uniqueness, freshness, and flavorful dishes made for a wonderful vacation. Here’s a sneak peak of my vacation in the Cayman Islands, at least the food aspect of it.

Our first meal was at the hotel restaurant, The Sunshine Grill, which is honestly one of the best restaurants on the island AND one of the most affordable. There’s almost always a wait, so we ordered some margaritas and waited by the pool for a table to open

At the Sunshine Grill, we played some trivia while we were waiting for our food to come out

Jerk chicken egg rolls

famous fish tacos

Tres tacos at the Sunshine Grill – one famous fish, one Cuban chicken, and one beef

The Eats Cafe…next door to the Sunshine Suites Resort. Great place for lunch.

Veggie Kashmir. I was so excited to see Indian food on the menu of the Eats Cafe. Variety!

Cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt…heaven.

bread and curried butter at The Cracked Conch…a restaurant with an amazing view of the ocean

Conch chowder at The Cracked Conch restaurant. Conch is a popular food on Grand Cayman. The texture is very similar to a clam.

tuna tartare

Red snapper…so good. I wish I could recreate this sauce!

me at The Sunshine Grill before breakfast

complimentary continental breakfast every morning. These eggs were delicious!

Pad Thai from Eats Cafe…not the most authentic, but still a good noodle dish.

Mahi Mahi wrap with cajun spices. One of my favorite lunches there.

We were lucky to arrive during “pirate week”, which included a food festival where local vendors set up carts in the street and prepared Caribbean cuisine.

Chicken curry. Lovely.

fried mini donuts..yes please!

the best burgers on the island…at the Sunshine Grill.

triple decker quesadilla

bread, wine, good Italian food, and an amazing view. It doesn’t get any better

conch fritters

tuna tagliatelle

classic chicken parm


crab cakes at Guy Harvey’s

vacation always calls for fruity cocktails

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6 thoughts on “Cayman the culinary island

  1. cool post with great pics

  2. Max Elliott says:

    Glad you enjoyed Peachwave frozen yogurt!

  3. Tony Benny says:

    Your food pictures drove me crazy and made me eager to visit the beautiful and natural island of Cayman. I love this place for every reason. Can you please suggest to me a few more affordable Cayman Restaurants ?

    • Global Girl says:

      Hi Tony, Two places that were affordable and delicious, but more casual were The Eats Cafe and The Sunshine Grill – part of the Sunshine Suites. Both had great food reasonably priced. There are so many amazing restaurants on the island but they can get a bit pricey so those two are great finds.

      Also if you go in November over Pirate’s Weekend they have a food festival with reasonably priced food carts everywhere.

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