Punta Cana Paradise

If your ideal vacation consists of staying in a five star resort, relaxing on a white sand beach sipping a fruity cocktail with the crystal clear turqoise water of the Caribbean lapping at your feet, then Punta Cana is your destination. Although there are many beautiful islands throughout the Caribbean, Punta Cana is THE place for all inclusive five star resorts. Not only are they a dime a dozen, but the prices are usually the best in the Caribbean. This was my second visit to Punta Cana, and you can be sure I will be back.


The beaches in Punta Cana are some of the best I’ve seen (and that includes beaches in Thailand, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Costa Rica to name a few). You can walk for miles, the water is crystal clear and very calm, and the sand is fine and white. Couple that with huge shady umbrellas and tropical cocktails served by resort staff and you’ve pretty much arrived in paradise.

There are many fabulous resorts in Punta Cana but for the ultimate in all inclusive vacations, I recommend The Majestic Elegance (I also stayed in the Now Larimar resort which was also very nice. I had no complaints about either resort). The grounds are immaculate, the rooms are clean and modern, the staff is accomodating and the pool is huge. What more could anyone ask of a hotel?


The resort also offers 7 different restaurants and bars. The food was very good for an all inclusive vacation. I wrote about this in a previous blog posting, but food at all inclusives is not always of the best quality, and although not every dish was the best I’ve ever had, there was still something for everyone. It’s so nice to be able to eat wherever and whenever you like, without worrying about paying for the check at the end of the night. It’s truly the best way to relax on a vacation.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the food, fun, and beauty of the Dominican Republic.






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6 thoughts on “Punta Cana Paradise

  1. Great photos…looks like you hade a great time and enjoyed the food 🙂

  2. Fabulous post.Beautiful place to enjoy a great vacation.Regards.jalal

  3. So jealous, looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  4. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com says:

    l am delighted for liking my recent post.Greetings.jalal

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