3 Ingredient pulled pork

This recipe was totally not my idea, but I wish it was because it’s so genius! When I went searching for a pulled pork recipe, most of the recipes I found had at least 10 ingredients and all kinds of spices and other items I’d have to go out and buy. So, when I found this one, I was honestly very very skeptical. It has three ingredients:

Root Beer

Bottled barbecue sauce

Pork Tenderloin

That’s it! It’s probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made in my kitchen, and it was GOOD! Matt and I both had two sandwiches each. If I’m being honest, by the second sandwich the taste was getting a bit sweet for me. However, if you read my “If you have me over for dinner, leave these items off the menu” post, you know that I am not a big fan of meats in sweet sauces. So, even barbecue can sometimes be a bit sweet for me. I still liked it enough to eat two sandwiches and my husband LOVED it. I served the pork on a soft roll with cole slaw and a slice of colby jack cheese. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

Before you go out and buy all kinds of spices and ingredients to make pulled pork, you have to try this recipe!

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