If you have me over for dinner, leave these items off the menu

I know it may come as a shock to most people to find out that there are actually foods that I don’t like. I’ll admit, it’s a rare occurence, but there are foods I don’t eat. It’s not that I despise them so much that I can’t eat them, but I certainly won’t order them off a menu and I generally don’t cook with them. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t like them in the future. My tastebuds certainly do change throughout the years. I used to hate macaroni and cheese (so weird right?) and broccoli and now I eat them both on a regular basis. But, for now, these are the foods I’m not so thrilled with. 

meatloaf – This one I flat-out don’t like. There is something about a loaf of meat that just grosses me out. I don’t like the ketchup on the top or the flavoring in the middle. It’s a fairly boring dish too.

meatballs – The reason I don’t particularly care for meatballs is probably the same reason I don’t like meatloaf. A ball of meat just doesn’t sound appealing (I do like hamburgers though, go figure). I will say though, that there are certain meatballs I’ve had that are pretty tasty. I don’t hate them. It’s just something I wouldn’t order off of a menu. They are a step above meatloaf in my opinion.

caviar – I’ve had a few experiences with caviar. It’s a no for me. I know it’s a delicacy and all, but there are so many other things I’d rather be eating. For me, the saltiness is over powering and the fact that it bursts when you bite into it turns my stomach.

broccoli rabe – I think my problem with broccoli rabe is the fact that I can’t cook it. It comes out bitter and awful everytime. I have had it at restaurants and it can actually be very good. I hope to continue to grow to like this vegetable. It has potential.

green beans – Again, I don’t hate this one. It all depends on how it’s cooked. I hate the soggy, salty green beans that come in a can. I don’t like the way people eat them in the South. I like my green beans crisp, with a bite to them. Even so, they still aren’t a favorite of mine.

hot dogs – I go back and forth with hot dogs. I think I’ve had enough bad experiences with them that I tend to stay away, but there are certainly some good hot dogs to be had out there. I haven’t completely crossed this one off my list, and if it’s served, I’ll eat it.

sweet glazes & marinades – This refers to meats served with an apricot glaze, or stewed with prunes, etc. I generally stay away from the “orange chickens”, “sweet & sours”, and “maple glazed” words on the menu. Sometimes sweet marinades are okay, but generally I prefer the savory dishes. Add some spice, wine, or salt and leave out the sugar and fruit for me.

beer – I’d rather have wine or a cocktail. That’s about it.

What are some foods you dislike?

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3 thoughts on “If you have me over for dinner, leave these items off the menu

  1. Don’t like meatloaf? It takes all kinds I suppose.

  2. […] honest, by the second sandwich the taste was getting a bit sweet for me. However, if you read my “If you have me over for dinner, leave these items off the menu” post, you know that I am not a big fan of meats in sweet sauces. So, even barbecue can sometimes […]

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