Healthy Wontons

Who doesn’t love potstickers and wontons? The problem is these tiny treats are not the best thing to eat when watching your weight. Some are deep fried and loaded with fatty pork. They are definitely not low calorie snacks.

Well, I have an AMAZING find to share with you today.  While grocery shopping one day, I stumbled across a colorful package of frozen wontons. CJ, all natural mini chicken wontons with chicken and cilantro, are my new best friend.  They are so tasty, make for a perfect quick lunch, dinner or snack, and the best part is they are so low calorie you can eat A LOT of them. They are 50 calories per serving, and for those who follow weight watchers only 1 point for every 4, which means you can have 20 wontons for 5 points.

I find myself reaching for them every time I don’t know what to make for dinner. I usually pan-fry them in a tiny bit of oil, but you can also microwave them if you don’t want to use the extra oil. Dip them in some low sodium soy sauce and serve along some roasted vegetables or salad and you’ve got a pretty perfect meal.

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