An Obstacle to Cooking

Generally, I enjoy cooking. I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoy eating, but it is a hobby of mine and I try to make time for it as often as possible. Cooking is something that makes me feel accomplished. It gives me a sense of pride. There’s nothing like eating something delicious that you’ve actually created yourself! But there is something that deters me from cooking, and that something is, cleaning.

It seems as though I am ALWAYS cleaning the kitchen. I clean up the dishes before I cook, then after I cook, then after I have a snack, etc. And I don’t know about you, but when I cook I often wind up using every utensil I own. You know how it is, I cut some chicken on a cutting board, but then realize I also have some veggies I still need to cut. I can’t cut them on a contaminated board, so instead of washing it off (because I’ve already spent too much time cleaning), I just pull out another board and another knife. Then, I’m stirring something in a pot with a spoon, and I place the spoon down. I come back to stir and forget where I put the spoon, so I am forced to use another one. It’s a viscious cycle that just goes on and on.

This picture is embarrassing. My messy kitchen disaster, after a particularly intense night of cooking

So, I’m really looking for tips. How do you keep your kitchens clean while you’re in the process of cooking? Because I’d much rather spend the majority of my time creating something in the kitchen than cleaning up the aftermath.

Maybe that’s what husbands are for…

Exhibit A: Using almost every pot I own

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2 thoughts on “An Obstacle to Cooking

  1. Clara says:

    I know the feeling! I feel like all I ever do is clean my kitchen. I love to cook but I get really tired of all that cleaning. One thing that really helps me is cleaning as I go. It takes some practice and a little extra planning, but it pays off in the end and will help avoid a massive pile of dirty dishes. First thing is to think about your meal. If you’re cooking a veggie, meat, and grain, think about their cooking times and what it makes sense to do first- this might mean preheating the oven or setting a pot of water to boil. Then think about all the prep- what needs to be chopped, measured, etc? I would cut all your veggies (for each dish), herbs, etc before you do anything else and set aside. Throw away all the unused bits and tidy up your counter a bit before moving on to the next step. Perhaps that’s prepping meat, or dropping your pasta. Whatever it is, once that portion is cooking, use the cooking time to clean- throw items in the dishwasher, wash knives, wipe down your counter, etc. I work like a crazy person during that down time or when I’m just stirring something every now and then so hopefully all I have to do when dinner is over is throw a few things in the dishwasher. Yikes that was a long response! Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for the tips! One thing I’ve found really helps, is organizing things into bowls. Like all the veggies in one bowl, and all the meat in another, etc. Even though you have to wash the bowls, it just makes everything less cluttered and more organized.

    I am definitely learning as I go!

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