Home made potato chips – minus the fat

I received two very interesting Christmas gifts from my Pampered Chef this Christmas; one, which was recognizable and one, which was not. The recognizable gift was a mandolin (a very sharp kitchen utensil used for slicing). The unrecognizable gift looked like two black, plastic saucers. They were light weight and rubbery and had holes throughout.  My mom, seeing the puzzled expression on my face, explained that the two gifts were meant to be used together as a potato-chip making contraption. She assured me that the chips would be calorie free and delicious. I smiled and said thanks, wondering how much I was really going to be making my own potato chips when I could easily go to the grocery store and buy a perfectly good already-made bag.

I guess she could sense my lack of excitement because she decided to show me how it worked. As skeptical as I was, I’m happy to say she completely changed my mind about the chip-maker! It was seriously one of the coolest things! She took potatoes and thinly sliced them with the mandolin (which I will admit, I am slightly afraid to use), salted them and patted them dry, then lined the slices on the saucer-y looking plastic things and put them in the microwave for 5 minutes. Yes, the microwave. Not the oven, or the fryer. This is another reason why I was so skeptical.

When the potatoes came out, however, they were cripy and delicious. And yes – fat free! I was amazed! The only calories injested were the calories from the potato itself. Although the process took longer than opening a bag would, it was worth it. It was a fun, easy, rewarding project. Thanks Mom, for thinking outside the box :).

Ps. Obviously, it wasn’t completely fat free because you need something to dip a chip in. Like the guacamole I made.

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2 thoughts on “Home made potato chips – minus the fat

  1. Yatin says:

    Taste without added calories, way to go!

  2. […] my Christmas present from my mom, the Pampered Chef mandolin slicer and potato chip maker. Click here for my blog on the perks of the fat-free potato chip maker. I peeled and thinly sliced 3 large […]

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