How to spruce up your Christmas Tree…

Our Christmas tree looks a little sparce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful with the lights and the ornaments, but there is definitely something missing. At first, I thought we just needed more ornaments. But after adding a few more, I realized that wasn’t it. The thought of those big strands of tinsel that were so popular in the 80’s really didn’t thrill me (I mean, who really uses tinsel anymore?) so I wondered, what could I add to spruce it up a bit?

Then, I remembered my mom always used fake poinsettia flowers and some sparkly ribbon…My mom has always been very resourceful and creative – even if she doesn’t have a lot to work with, she manages to make the most ordinary thing look beautiful. One year, she hung silver beads all over the tree (those beaded strands – like from Mardi Gras) and it made everything sparkle. But my favorite decoration she used were the poinsettias. So, I decided to give it a try and it turns out, it was exactly what our tree needed!

Couldn't resist including Maggie in a picture

So, to spruce up your tree, some ideas:

1. Buy fake, preferrably glittery, poinsettias – cut off the long stems or just stick the long stems into the tree, wherever you think your tree is missing something.

2. Add some silver or gold, wide ribbon.  You can drape the ribbon anyway you want. I recommend weaving strands vertically through the tree or making bows with the ribbon to disperse through the tree – similarly to what you would do with the flowers. The light catches the glitter on the ribbon and makes for a beautiful effect.

3. Beads – whichever color you prefer. Drape a few strands of beads around your tree for that extra pop of shimmer.

What do you do to spruce up your Christmas decor??

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