Picking out the Christmas tree

Tis’ the season to pick out a Christmas tree! And for us, it’s our first Christmas tree as a married couple. I was so excited for the bonding experience of picking out a tree together, and for getting it all set up in our apartment. However, when we arrived at the farm, I quickly realized that the Christmas tree Matt had envisioned was quite different than the one I had envisioned. What should have been a happy occassion, quickly turned a bit tense as we argued over which tree to get. I felt sorry for the guy helping us.

Finally, we settled on one that Matt picked out. I thought it would be too big and it looked a bit lopsided, but I eventually caved. We got it into our apartment, and, after a moment of panic, when it first didn’t fit, we eventually managed to find the perfect positioning for it. Although I still think the tree I originally picked out would have looked just as nice, I had to admit that the tree Matt picked out fit perfectly (BUT it is lopsided – we had to do some rotating).

It must be a male/female thing, because I can recall my parents having the same argument :). Merry Christmas!!!

Our Christmas Tree


Our Christmas Tree with lights - which let me tell you, was another fun project

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