I don’t have children so….

Happy Halloween everyone! I loved seeing all the costumes of the trick or treaters yesterday! I don’t have children, and I’m getting a little too old to go out trick or treating anymore (although if I feel the urge to dress up there is usually a Halloween party going on somewhere I could always crash). But anyway, since I don’t have children and I would feel slightly ridiculous dressing up myself – I came up with the next best thing…

Dressing up Maggie!

Now, this may look cruel to some people but I assure you my dog is treated very well. In fact, she is spoiled. And she is just too cute to pass up an opportunity like this! Plus, she only had the costume on for a total of 10 minutes. But long enough for me to snap a few pictures to always remember I have the cutest dog ever!

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One thought on “I don’t have children so….

  1. If you’re in need of treats, you can always borrow a child. That worked for me before I had my own. Just make sure to choose one that shares.

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