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Observations from the Dog Park

Maggie and friends at the dog park.

I never know quite what to expect when I venture to the dog park. Dogs are often unpredictable, much like humans are. Overall, I really enjoy the dog park. I love to see all the different dogs and the way they interact with the other dog owners and with each other. But as much as I enjoy it, I am always a little nervous bringing Maggie (my little beagle) there because you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Continue reading

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A Trip to Texas

I thought a picture of a longhorn would be appropriate for this blog

My husband was invited to go to a conference for work. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out wives were invited to come along. I love to travel in general, but when it is an all-expense paid trip, I love it even more. The conference was originally supposed to be in Seattle and I was extatic – one, because I had never been there, and two, because the food is rumored to be pretty phenomenal. I started researching where we would eat, what we would do, and where we would go, only to be told a few weeks later that the conference was cancelled and we would be attending a new conference – in Dallas, Texas. Continue reading

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A Weekend of Cooking

Guess what I did this weekend? I cooked. And then I cooked some more. I think I spent 90% of the weekend in the kitchen. What’s even more surprising is I actually enjoyed the experience. Normally, I do like to cook, but I don’t like to spend HOURS in the kitchen. However, this turned out to be a fairly fun and therapeutic experience for me. Continue reading

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I don’t have children so….

Happy Halloween everyone! I loved seeing all the costumes of the trick or treaters yesterday! I don’t have children, and I’m getting a little too old to go out trick or treating anymore (although if I feel the urge to dress up there is usually a Halloween party going on somewhere I could always crash). But anyway, since I don’t have children and I would feel slightly ridiculous dressing up myself – I came up with the next best thing… Continue reading

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