The least exciting way to cook a chicken

If you want to suck all the flavor you can out of chicken and eat an extremely dry,¬†almost tough in texture¬†piece of meat I suggest you poach it. I wanted to make chicken enchiladas this week and the recipe said to boil the chicken in a pot of water and then shred it for the enchiladas. I had never poached chicken before, and I knew it probably wouldn’t taste as good as roasting or pan frying would, but I did not know that it would be quite so bad.

I even tried to jazz it up a little. I poached the chicken in chicken stock instead of water, thinking that this might add some flavor. But even this did not help. When I pulled the chicken out, it was filmy and almost grey in color. Shredding it took forever because it was slightly tough (and I didn’t even boil it as long as I was supposed to).

Luckily, if you cover anything in cheese and some yummy enchilada sauce, it’s bound to taste good. So, after stuffing the chicken and cheese into tortillas and covering the tortillas in enchilada sauce, green chiles, and more cheese and then smothering it in salsa and sour cream, the enchiladas still tasted great.

I’ve learned my lesson for next time. I will roast the chicken breasts in some olive oil and garlic, or even buy a rotisserie chicken to shred up, but I will not be poaching chicken again anytime soon.

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