Personalizing My Wedding

I was engaged for 2 years. During that time, I put so much effort into the wedding planning process. I wanted to incorporate as many unique and personalized details as possible. Now that the whole ordeal is over, I find myself day dreaming about all those details I stressed over for so long and I wonder if anyone else remembers them but me. So, I figured what better way to remember the details of the day than to write a blog about it. It will be a cathartic experience for me, and maybe give some other brides out there some inspiration. Win win.

* PICTURES TAKEN BY SAMANTHA SHAY PHOTOGRAPHY (First photograph is a still taken by my videographer, Kevin Ikeda, but the rest of the pictures were taken by Samantha Shay Photography –

something old…

The glittering pin on my bouquet is an old broach I borrowed from my Grandmother

something new…

shoes and jewelry – my something new

something borrowed…

borrowed from my mother - a saphire ring (something borrowed AND something blue)

something blue…


The Dress. The dress is perhaps the most important part of the wedding and I absolutely loved mine. It had everything I wanted…form fitting, satin fabric, a little bling, and a long train. I paired it with a cathedral lenth veil with beaded trim.
I went classic with an all white rose bouquet. I had my florist add tiny rhine stones to the inside of each rose.

It was important to me that the flowers looked very uniform and round. I didn’t want a lot of texture – I made sure to emphasize that point over and over again. NO green, NO branches, NO spikey floral arrangements. The result was exactly what I wanted…

centerpiece was made up of hydrangeas, roses, delphiniums, and of course orchids

To save money the church flowers were done by a family friend who did such an amazing job…

Tall vases were filled with blue gems and water, a single hybrid delphinium - similar to an orchid was placed in each one.

these lined the the rows of pews in the church...they turned out amazing!

Matt (my now husband) designed this graphic for the large screen in the church. The Orchids in the corners of the screen were a running theme throughout the wedding. Orchids have always been a favorite flower of mine, and remind me of my childhood in Thailand.

The ceremony

I always knew I wanted a reception on the water somewhere -whether it was a lake, an ocean, a river I didn’t care. I just knew I wanted pictures by the water. Our reception was held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ.

The boats in the harbor

One of the things I loved most about the Crystal Point was the white marble dance floor

We had 9 bridesmaids, 9 groomsmen, 1 junior bridesmaid and 1 junior groomsman, a flower girl, and a ring bearer. Needless to say, it was a large party.

The guys…

The guys all wore black tuxes, no vest, skinny ties.

The girls…

The girls got to choose between 3 dress choices - all in a peacock blue

Matt and I travel a lot. Each table was named after a city we had been to.

I made sure to add as many personal touches as possible throughout my wedding. From a slide show that started off the ceremony, to a “meet the bridal party” table, I wanted to make sure everyone knew who’s wedding they were at and that each guest learned a little something new about us as a couple.

A picture of both sets of parents cutting their cake on their wedding day adorned the cake table

Perhaps my favorite detail of the whole wedding - porcelain jars from the Weekend Market (aka Chatuchak) in Bangkok, Thailand. My favorite place to shop in the entire world!

Our Meet the Bridal Party table - pictures and bios of each person in the bridal party

My father and I took dance lessons for our dance…it was a good thing we had steps to remember, otherwise I would have cried.

Our escort cards were also from the weekend market in Bangkok…we glued cardstock with each guest’s name and an orchid onto the base, which was a wooden boat – tying in both my Thai theme and the venue!

Unfortunately, this is the only food picture I have. But let me assure you, the food was fabulous. Cocktail hour started off with Passed Hors D’oeuvre’s of chicken and lemon grass potstickers, sweet potato puffs, miniature crab cakes, and duck ravioli to name a few. Hot chafing dishes were set up all over with delicious dishes such as fried calamari, and roasted pork loin. There were also numerous captains stations – an Asian Stir-Fry station, mashed potato bar, and a pasta station. Dinner was served sit down style and guests had a choice of filet mignon, Chilean Sea Bass, or Chicken served with prosciutto, fontina cheese and roasted red peppers. Guests did not go hungry.

1st course

I am not a big fan of traditional cake…what I am a big fan of is cheese cake. So that’s what our wedding cake was. Other desserts included a chocolate fountain station with over 20 different dippable items and trays of mini pastries like eclairs, cookies, mini cheese cakes, etc.

All in all, it was the perfect day…

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2 thoughts on “Personalizing My Wedding

  1. Natalie says:

    such an awesome/amazing wedding!!! loved it and love you guys 🙂 your hard work with the planning was VERY obvious cuz it was perfect!

  2. Thanks Nat! I’m so flattered that you read my blog :). It means a lot!

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