The Puppy Debate

I love dogs. I love them so much that sometimes I have to remind myself that they are not actually human. Growing up in Asia, we always had at least 2 dogs, usually more (they are not real big on neutering or spaying pups over there). There were so many stray dogs roaming the streets, and sometimes one would just wind up on our door step and my mom would take it in. My mom is probably more dog obsessed than I am, and probably part of the reason why I love them so much – a combination of learned behavior and genetics.

The strays seemed to know we were the people to go to even after we moved to the United States. Because in Tennessee, a stray, who we named Annie, found us and became our dog for the next 12 years. We took her to New Jersey with us and she instantly became a part of our family.

Our Annie


Annie and my brother, Eric, waking up together

Annie with her Christmas presents 🙂 - we spoil our dogs

After Annie passed away, an event so tragic that I still cannot think of it without a tear coming to my eye, we were all devastated. We waited awhile to get our next dog, but the house felt so empty during those 4 depressing months. Eventually, we decided it was time to look at some other dogs. We settled on a little pup from a shelter in North Carolina. We named her Sophie and she has helped to heal the gaping hole that Annie left in our lives.

Our Sophie at 3 months old - she loved to play on the slide!


Puppy Soph

Sophie and I - she's all grown up now

But now, I have moved out and am married and we don’t have a dog. The apartment can feel empty. I missed Sophie terribly at first and even brought her over to the apartment for sleepovers. My husband has wanted a dog from day one. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is, even though I love dogs I am aware of how high maintenance they actually are. The potty training, the waking up at night, the walks when its pouring rain or freezing cold outside, the messes, the chewing. I like to travel, and making arrangements for the dog would just be one more thing to add to my to do list. They are like children to a degree, and I’m certainly not ready for children, so I was unsure if I really wanted a dog.

Then Matt (my husband) started sending me pictures of dogs from They melted my heart. I couldn’t say no! There are so many dogs that need homes! How could I not take one? And so, all my good, common sense went out the window. All my reasons seemed to not matter anymore. The puppy debate was over. So after looking for a few days, we found our dog. She’s a puppy from Alabama – rescued from a kill shelter. We are going to call her Maggie, and she’s going to be spoiled rotten :).

Meet Maggie - the newest addition to our family. Coming on September 30th.

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2 thoughts on “The Puppy Debate

  1. TheOtherFrosti says:

    Well I must say that puppy you just got from Alabama is just the cutest darn thing! I understand your debate though, since I have left home away from my beloved cats (which have all now recently passed away *tear*) my boyfriend and I have also really wanted a feline companion…. but they are expensive, you have to be ready for vet bills and other costs that come up. They truly are like (less than a dog I’d believe– I’ve never had one!) a child. Beautiful post!

  2. Thanks! We are very excited for her arrival. But yes, expenses are another con to add to the puppy debate.

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