Be aware of…people on a seesaw??

The sign that stumped us all

There are many road signs out there that don’t always make sense to me. Like the pictures of deer crossing. I mean it’s good to be aware, but there is very little you can do when a deer jumps out in front of you. This sign is basically just a way to cause paranoia. One of my favorite comedians, Brian Reagan, does a standup bit about the ridiculous-ness of some of these road signs (like the sign that says beware of falling rocks, or speed monitored by aircraft). But all of those, I suppose, do serve some sort of “warning” purpose, even if there is very little you can do about it.
The above sign, however, had my whole family questioning what it actually meant. It was right by our hotel…there was no seesaw in sight, no playground or child’s play area. There is a baseball field nearby, that’s about it. Perhaps there once was a playground there and when they built over the playground, they forgot to remove the seesaw sign? But that doesn’t seem very likely either. If you’re going to remove an entire playground, it wouldn’t be too much effort to remove a sign, would it? And if it was a sign meant to warn traffic about a nearby playground, why not just use the generic “children at play” sign? Hmm…
I guess it will always remain a mystery. But for the record, road signs are supposed to give people clarity, not confuse them more.
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