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Why everyone should love Indian food

I don’t discriminate when it comes to food. Most food I try, no matter where in the world it is from, I enjoy whole-heartedly. Pasta from Italy, rice and noodle dishes from Asia, French bread and pastries, Guacamole and tortilla chips from Mexico. I mean you really can’t go wrong. Continue reading

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Personalizing My Wedding

I was engaged for 2 years. During that time, I put so much effort into the wedding planning process. I wanted to incorporate as many unique and personalized details as possible. Now that the whole ordeal is over, I find myself day dreaming about all those details I stressed over for so long and I wonder if anyone else remembers them but me. So, I figured what better way to remember the details of the day than to write a blog about it. It will be a cathartic experience for me, and maybe give some other brides out there some inspiration. Win win.

* PICTURES TAKEN BY SAMANTHA SHAY PHOTOGRAPHY (First photograph is a still taken by my videographer, Kevin Ikeda, but the rest of the pictures were taken by Samantha Shay Photography –

something old…

The glittering pin on my bouquet is an old broach I borrowed from my Grandmother

something new… Continue reading

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The Puppy Debate

I love dogs. I love them so much that sometimes I have to remind myself that they are not actually human. Growing up in Asia, we always had at least 2 dogs, usually more (they are not real big on neutering or spaying pups over there). There were so many stray dogs roaming the streets, and sometimes one would just wind up on our door step and my mom would take it in. My mom is probably more dog obsessed than I am, and probably part of the reason why I love them so much – a combination of learned behavior and genetics. Continue reading

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries with parsley and parmesan cheese

I love fries. Recently though, I’ve started to order sweet potato fries instead of regular fries. At restaurants you usually get thin cut, deep fried sweet potato fries which are obviously delicious. But I’ve found an equally delicious and healthier way to make them at home. I apologize for the lack of measurements. I hate to measure. Continue reading
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Dinner for a boring Wednesday

So I’ve always been a little obsessed with food. If you turn on my TV, the Food Network channel (or the Cooking channel) is almost always playing. I love going out to eat and trying new restaurants almost more than anything else. And I’m sure I look forward to each meal a little more than most non-obsessed food people do. Even when I am full I somehow manage to clean my plate and you better believe if for some reason I can’t finish what’s on my plate, I will be getting a takeaway bag for later (for a midnight snack or something). Side Note: This is my one qualm with countries outside the US – I love to travel, but I hate that I can’t ask for a takeaway bag, so I am forced to finish my meal at the restaurant, even though this is very rarely a problem anyway. I just happen to gain a lot of weight on vacations. Continue reading

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Be aware of…people on a seesaw??

The sign that stumped us all

There are many road signs out there that don’t always make sense to me. Like the pictures of deer crossing. I mean it’s good to be aware, but there is very little you can do when a deer jumps out in front of you. This sign is basically just a way to cause paranoia. One of my favorite comedians, Brian Reagan, does a standup bit about the ridiculous-ness of some of these road signs (like the sign that says beware of falling rocks, or speed monitored by aircraft). But all of those, I suppose, do serve some sort of “warning” purpose, even if there is very little you can do about it. Continue reading
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Unique Eats on the Jersey Shore

My family and I venture to Wildwood, NJ almost every summer for a little bit of sun, fun, relaxation, and of course, some great food. Since I have been to Wildwood oh, about 20 times, I thought I had exhausted all the food possibilities in the area. However, there are 2 special restaurants that stick out in my mind. Continue reading

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