It’s a love-hate relationship with Camille Grammer

I am one of the thousands of viewers who tune in each week to watch Bravo TV’s Real Housewives series. From New York to OC, I love them all, but I have to say their newest franchise, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, takes the cake for me (ironically Atlanta is the one that got me hooked and now the one I like the least).

Now although each of the housewives hold a special place in my heart, Beverly Hills has taken it to a whole new level. First of all, these women genuinely have money, so that in itself makes the show more fun to watch. They buy diamonds the way I buy chocolate. From the episode with Taylor’s personal shopper to the one where Camille shops for her Tony’s dress, I watched the show just to see the beautiful clothes and gifts the reality stars would buy or the elegant parties they would throw.

I also feel like I can identify with the shows 3 “good girls” more so than some of the women on the other series. Kyle, Lisa, and Adrienne seem like genuinely good, down to earth, fun people.

But the main thing I found so enthralling was the show’s designated “mean girl”, Camille Grammer. However, this blog is not going to be about how awful Camille is (which she was in some of the episodes, okay, most of them). Yes, it’s true, she said some of the worst, most pretentious things I have ever heard, things that no one should say aloud, especially not on national television. And I, along with most viewers, wanted so badly for her to get what she had coming. However, watching these past two episodes, I think we got a different viewpoint on Camille. I genuinely felt sorry for her and I thought maybe, just maybe, the way she acted this season can be attributed to the knowledge that her personal life was about to go down in smoke (because she had to have some inkling that things were not right).

And then I heard the rumors that she may not be back for a second season. And even though I am not a huge Camille fan, I don’t want her to leave the show. She adds some drama and flair to it, and I genuinely think the show would hurt without her (that’s not to say that I dont think it could survive, because it could).

So after watching the entire season, I have had a change of heart. Which is why I say it’s a love-hate relationship. Because every show needs a villain, and anyway, maybe she deserves a second chance. Most people do.

And let’s face it, she’s not anywhere near as bad as Kelly Bensimon or Danielle Staub :).

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