My love for Edamame

There is a little sushi place about 5 minutes away from my work and even though it’s a little pricey, I venture here at least once a week. Their sushi is good. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve ever had, but it’s decent sushi and it’s proximity to where I work makes it all the more appealing. It is also where I first realized how much I love edamame. In fact, I’m not so sure it isn’t the edamame alone that keeps me coming back.

I know the thought of eating steamed soy beans out of their pods probably doesn’t thrill everyone, and admittedly I used to be one of those people. I skipped over the edamame on the menu very easily. It’s easy to overlook, especially when there are so many more appetizing fried things in the starter section of a menu at most restaurants.

Yet, it was at this little sushi restaurant where I became a convert and discovered the joy of eating edamame. The warmth, the bits of sea salt, and the nutritional value combine to make it a pretty perfect snack. There are few things in life that give me as much satisfaction as biting a soybean out of it’s pod. 

My Tip: Dip the edamame in soy sauce before you bite it out of it’s pod. It adds that little extra taste of salt.

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