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A place that looks just like the pictures

There are few things in life that are as fantastic as advertisers make them seem and usually everything looks better in the magazines than it does in real life. The clothes look better on the model, the food looks more fresh in the advertisment, and the vacation spot looks nothing like it did in the commercial.

So when I planned my vacation to the Dominican Republic I braced myself for that feeling of slight disappointment when you realize it doesn’t exaclty look like it did on their website. I’ve had experience with this feeling numerous times before, so it has almost become the norm for when I’m booking a trip. I know that not everything will be as perfect as it seems. How wrong I was. Continue reading

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My love for Edamame

There is a little sushi place about 5 minutes away from my work and even though it’s a little¬†pricey, I venture here at least once a week. Their sushi is good. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve ever had, but it’s decent sushi and it’s proximity to where I work makes it all the more appealing. It is also where I first realized how much I love edamame. In fact, I’m not so sure it isn’t the edamame alone that keeps me coming back. Continue reading

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