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Saying “yes to the dress” is harder than it seems

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Most people have seen TLC’s show Say Yes to the Dress. Or if they haven’t seen it, they’ve at least heard of it. It’s a show that features brides-to-be as they try on dresses in one of New York City’s most prestigious bridal stores, Kleinfeld’s. I am a huge fan of the show, and now that I am a bride to be myself I thought it would be so much fun to try on dresses. Most of the brides on the show describe a feeling they get when they find “the dress”, and that “they just know”. Maybe I was disillusioned by the show, but so far, I have not found wedding dress shopping to be that simple. Continue reading

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The Bottled Water Phenomenon

My mother has always been skeptical about bottled water. She never understood why Americans insist on keeping bottled water in their homes when the tap water (in most areas) is perfectly clean (her words not mine). She was adamant on the fact that it was a complete waste and “absolutely ridiculous”. Therefore, we never have had bottled water in our house.

I have tried to explain the many benefits of bottled water to her many times, mainly, that it is more about convenience than actual cleanliness. It’s easier to just grab a water bottle and run out the door, rather than taking the extra minute or two to fill up a cantene with water from the tap. No dice. The only time bottled water is acceptable to her is when you are out and dying of thirst and there is no way to get tap water and no other options. Continue reading

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The Hunger Games Trilogy: My Review

 Some stories you read for entertainment or information. Some stories you read and forget. And then there are the stories, that are few and far between, that have the ability to change your life and stay with you forever. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins is one of those rare stories that you read and you know you won’t ever forget.  From the moment you turn the first page, you are caught, and she doesn’t let you go even after you’ve finished the last book in the series, The Mockingjay. Continue reading

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Tired of Eating Celery

Okay, so I don’t always eat celery. I do, however, try to watch what I eat (the key word in this sentence being ‘try’). It seems like I am always trying to lose weight. For the record, I am not “fat” (I am cringing as I use that term). I do not have body image issues and overall I am happy with myself. In a nutshell: I am a healthy eater, who occasionally likes to indulge in nachos and ice cream. Yet, I still want to be thinner than I am. I still have occasional weight loss set backs. I still wish I could pull off a bikini like Jessica Alba does. But despite how much I wish I looked like the models in the magazines, I have realized, the only way to do this is to eat less and to NOT occasionally indulge in the fattening foods I love…and I have to wonder sometimes, if it’s worth it. Continue reading

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