Jamaican Me Crazy!


I’m having a moment of nostalgia as I sit in bed at 10:00 at night, dreading my early morning commute to work tomorrow. I’m thinking back to a time where there was nothing on my schedule except lounging on a chair on a white sandy beach with the crystal clear water of the caribbean lapping around my feet.

I’m missing Jamaica, and all that’s associated with the laid-back life style of a caribbean vacation. It was spring break, my senior year of college, and my friends and I decided we needed a real vacation.

There is nothing like a good glass of wine to compliment a great meal with even better company

We didn’t go for the typical drink-til-you-drop spring break. Instead, we went for a relaxing, peaceful, delicious piece of paradise. And that’s exactly what we got.

We also got some fab food. Let me just say, Jamaican food is the perfect thing to eat on a beach. Which, I guess makes sense, since it is an island after all! Whatever spices they use on their Jerk Chicken or Pulled pork pair perfectly with the mango salsa they smother it with. And of course you wash it all down with a mai tai (or some other equally declicious cocktail) and you’ve got the perfect meal to accompany a day of lounging on the beach.

Some of my half devoured traditional Jamaican pork. Delish.

When’s the next flight to Jamaica flying out? Because I’d like to be on it…

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